Case Study

Finz Aquatics and Fitness Development

Finz Aquatics is a registered swim school specialized in teaching to swim for all age groups starting at 6 months of age. The aim of the swim school is to provide individuals with a lifelong life skill that is exciting, fun but more importantly ensures water safety

Some of the biggest frustration faced by the business were;

Nabilah needed a simple system to help manage her school and simplify the administration procedures. Although she needed an extended trial, this was a reflection of how much the administrative gap was and her positive attitude in addressing these challenges allowed her to triumph over them.


Using PiCortex’s school management module, Finz Aquatic was able to achieve

Finz Aquatics

With PiCortex, I have much more control on my financial management process in my business. Keeping track of all my invoices manually was leading to losses in the business and the recurring invoices in PiCortex have ensured that we are on top of things. I have also been able to separate the different roles that I have from being a teacher to students, a manager to staff and a business owner. PiCortex has taken such a weight off my shoulder and I would recommend it to others, not just institutions like ours but anyone selling a product or providing a service

Nabilah Diedericks
Director, Finz Aquatics

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