The Industries we serve

PiCortex gives you the right tools to succeed no matter the stage or size of your business. With PiCortex, every business matters. Join them today!


Take control of your financial reporting and streamline your business processes.


Track all your sales in real time whether you’re selling online, in-store or at pop ups.

Travel & Tour

Manage all your tour and travel activities, in one channel.



Track materials, production schedules and manage your inventory.



Gain control of your business operations with high flexibility


Enterprise Supplier Development

Quick and painless reporting and tracking of SMME operational performance data.

Swimming School

Track lessons, instructor schedules and plan in real time

Join the next generation of businesses using PiCortex to transform their business today!

PiCortex is a business management platform for SMEs. Understand and manage business operations, your way, in real time and in one portal.

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