Get the job done

PiCortex is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management solution that helps you take control of your financial reporting and streamline your business processes.


“Managing multiple jobs on multiple sites is tricky. Even trickier when using outdated tools and manual processes..”

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

As a contracting business you need an easy to use, agile business management solution that works wherever you work.

Full visibility
The custom dashboard gives you full visibility on what's happening in your operations across HR, financials, reporting, sales and inventory
Stay in sync
Get in sync with one powerful tool that helps you manage your jobs, your employees and your time
Mobile app
Manage your business on-the-go, on-site or even on the couch. Available on iOs, Android and Huawei devices.
Invite team members
Invite your team to the dashboard and delegate tasks
Get access to your reports in real-time. Export reports to your device or email them to stakeholders with ease

Join the next generation of businesses using PiCortex to transform their business today!

PiCortex is a business management platform for SMEs. Understand and manage business operations, your way, in real time and in one portal.

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