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Simplify your accounting with Xero and PiCortex

Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with XERO accounting that is focused on enabling SMMEs simplify their accounting processes and business.

Why Xero?
Xero a world-leading accounting platform that provides your business access to real-time financial data from anywhere anytime.

This integration with Xero is an integral part of our mission as it is a partnership that encompasses what we set out to build more specifically — the vision for SMMEs, the power of technology and the value created for SMMEs.

The Vision for SMMEs
Xero was birthed to help and enable small businesses to have access to simple tools that simplified their day to day financial tasks. 14 years later this vision stays true as Xero is providing access free of charge for every SMMEs (for 6 months) that signs up for PiCortex. Xero has enabled us to provide access free of charge for every SMMEs that signs up for PiCortex on an annual license.

The Power of technology
As a cloud first solution, Xero changed the way small businesses manage their finances. This approach is a case-study for many other companies like PiCortex that provide value to SMMEs online that can be accessed anywhere at anytime.

The integration has made it easy for PiCortex customers to manage their financials in one place while keeping data in sync between the two platforms.

The Value created
PiCortex is the all-in-one tool to power your business. This integration emboldens this statement as it provides business owners with both financial data and operational data in the same platform.

Not only will you know the financial numbers behind your business, you will have context to operational efficiency and understand areas of improvement/leverage. This enables business owners to make smarter decisions faster.

Simplify your accounting today with the Xero integration on PiCortex.This integration is available to all PiCortex customers. If you are not a customer, sign up or book a demo

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