Business Management Solution for SMEs.

Understand and manage your operations, YOUR way, in real time and in one portal.

Why PiCortex?

We help you embark on digital transformation with ease.

We help you digitize, monitor and scale your business operations.

We help you understand how operations translate into revenue.

We enable you to make data driven decisions

Operations just got simpler

Understand your operational data in real-time with the power of the cloud. PiCortex has a basic suite of customisable components to make it work for your business.

Out of the box modules include customer records, financials, staff management all synced up and fully accessible online for your convenience.

Customer Records

Customized Operational Flow

Invoicing and Payment tracking

Reports and Management Dashboard

Integrate your process.

Define, manage and access your data in a matter of seconds

React faster

With custom reports, you have access to your business trends and patterns to react faster to business conditions.

Setup workflows

Define custom actions based on real-time events happening in your business

Learn from data

Analyse & interpret data over time in a glance.

Scale up

With well defined business modules, achieve scale in an instance.

Key features

Access these modules, integrations and new features in a matter of seconds

Visibility on customer actions.

PiCortex gives you access to customer data, allowing you visibility over their decision.

Scale your financial systems as you grow

Have access to a breadth of financial features like invoicing, expense tracking & quotations.

Get insight on your data and make smart decisions

Our modules work with your data to do smart reporting. This reveals insights, trends and analytics that you can use to make smart decisions in your business today.

We got you covered

Every business matters. We give you the tools to succeed.

PiCortex helps SMEs manage business operations and finances. Our technology helps to facilitate seamless integration with your accounting & financial systems to manage and track business activities.



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PiCortex is a business management platform for SMEs. Understand and manage business operations, your way, in real time and in one portal.

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