From the shop floor to the office floor

PiCortex is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management app that helps you track materials, production schedules and manage your inventory.


“Business optimisation is difficult to do with a lack of visibility into the numbers and the processes that can be improved..”

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

As a manufacturing business you need an easy to use, agile business management solution that gives you real-time updates from the shop floor.

Full visibility
The custom dashboard gives you full visibility into inventory, raw materials, pricing, sales, financials and the entire product journey.
Mobile app
Our solution is fully mobile, so you can manage or supervise remote work, from anywhere. Available on iOs, Android and Huawei devices.
Product Traceability
Manage recipes and manufacturing batching for product and transactional traceability.
Simplified project planning
Simplify project planning and visibility with GANTT charts to manage complex functions.
Material Resource Planning
Automate key inventory level reminders and know how much raw material inventory matches with order volumes.
Invite team members
Invite your team to the dashboard and delegate tasks

Join the next generation of businesses using PiCortex to transform their business today!

PiCortex is a business management platform for SMEs. Understand and manage business operations, your way, in real time and in one portal.

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