Swimming School

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PiCortex is a cloud-based, all-in-one business management app that helps you track lessons, schedule instructors and manage your swimming school effectively.

Swimming School

“Managing lessons, record keeping and timely invoicing can be overwhelming without an appropriate system..”

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

As a swimming school, you need an easy to use, fluid business management solution that helps you streamline your business processes.

Full visibility
Manage swimmers records, slots and schedules as well as invoices for a complete end to end swimming school management
Shedule management
Get in sync with one powerful tool that helps you seamlessly manage your schedule with ease.
Mobile app
Manage your business on-the-go, on-site or even on the couch. Available on iOs, Android and Huawei devices.
Accounting integrations
Integrate your operations to a range of accounting packages and payment platforms
Recurring invoices
Simplify your process workflows by setting up once-off and recurring invoices for your customers.
Customer communication
Contact and broadcast value-adding communication to your customers directly in your customer dashboard, or automate this on your workflow

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