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Leverage the Paystack integration

Today, we are announcing the Paystack integration for businesses on PiCortex to accept payments easily from their customers.

When creating an invoice, the PiCortex dashboard sends an invoice pdf to your customer’s email with the banking details associated with your business.

The recipient of this email, therefore, was required to settle this invoice offline (outside the PiCortex dashboard). This resulted in administrative overhead for PiCortex users to followup with payments and mark invoices as paid to keep the data on the platform up-to-date.

This led the team to think, how can we enable users to accept payments from within the platform and simplify their payment workflow?

Introducing Paystack integration. Paystack is a payments platform that makes it easy for businesses to accept payments online. Paystack powers over 60,000 merchants of all sizes, find out why it is preferred by so many businesses

The PiCortex Paystack integration simplifies your payments workflow with no extra work required. Get up and running with the integration today.

This integration is essential for your business for the following reasons;

Accept payments online
Invoice your customers the same way you have been. The difference now is your customers will receive the invoice email with a custom payment link for that particular invoice. Receive payments securely online from your clients without being physically present. Let your clients settle invoices with one click. No need for them to log in anywhere else, just a click to pay.

Simplify your payment workflow
With this integration, you don’t have to insert a payment for an invoice. Once payment is made via the link sent with your invoice, the PiCortex platform does two things;

  • Updates the status of your Invoice from NOT PAID to FULLY PAID.
  • Adds a payment to your Payments

    This integration eliminates the admin work that was required to reconcile your invoice payments & other offline actions by your customers.

    Real-time data
    With this integration, your data stays in sync and all your reports are up-to-date without any intervention.

    This integration preserves your data integrity. The PiCortex platform acts as an enabler for you to accept payments online. All payments are managed by the Paystack platform and represent on PiCortex. Read more about Paystack’s compliance

    Start accepting online payments for your business on PiCortex today with our integration.This integration is available to all PiCortex customers. If you are not a customer, sign up or book a demo

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